Avoiding Common Newbie Mistakes: 7 Tips for Fresh Graduates in the Workplace

  • December 27, 2023
  • Shanthi
  • Jobseeker
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You made it! Congratulations on your diploma and degree! Now, you’re finally entering the working life of an average adult. 

You know how to choose your career; now you must know how to go through your first working life. 

Navigating through the workforce as a fresh graduate can be daunting. Transitioning from a study environment to working can be a cultural shock for graduates. You must adapt to your colleagues' different ages and backgrounds, deal with unruly managers and executives and the non-stop assignments you must work on.

1. Have Patience

Today's Graduates are accustomed to the rapid pace of technology, which often makes them less patient regarding job promotions and career growth. However, It is crucial to understand that the business rate can be slower than expected, and sometimes, opportunities may be available later. 

It's crucial to take a step back and understand that success will come, but it may not happen on our desired timeline. Ultimately, it's important to remember that good things come to those who wait!

2. Be Thankful to those who helped you

Good manners are essential because people who have helped you in the past will remember if you thanked them. This can have a significant impact on your career.  

Showing your appreciation to your supporters can lead to unexpected opportunities now and in the future. 

3. You will have to make many choices

The average high school student today is expected to have 23 jobs throughout their lifetime. So, if we trust these statistics, it's clear that you won't be relying on just one job for your entire career.  

If you don't enjoy the work you're currently doing or if it's not fulfilling enough, you can develop transferable skills and apply them to a new job that you'll find more enjoyable and rewarding.

4. Tread Carefully

It's crucial to avoid gossiping and speak thoughtfully. It's best to keep your thoughts to yourself until you get to know your coworkers better. Gossiping is unacceptable in the workplace, but unfortunately, it happens sometimes. The person you confide in might betray you, so keeping your counsel is better. 

5. Learning is ongoing

Many colleges and universities need to prepare students for the fact that their education is just beginning. 

There is an entire world of learning known as "professional development." This is where you'll acquire job-specific skills to help you succeed. The sooner you recognise the importance of demonstrating continuous learning by taking classes, training, workshops, webinars, conferences, tradeshows, conventions, and obtaining industry certifications, the sooner you'll surpass your peers who graduated with you. 

This area requires continuous learning, or else you'll need help with career advancement as employers seek subject matter experts. 

6. Network

You may have learned the art of making friends during your school days. In a business context, networking works similarly.  

Some of the closest friendships I have made were formed while working together. The key to networking is building connections with people with similar interests or goals. Once you have established a network of these people, you'll find that opportunities in your personal and professional life will readily come to you. Your network can provide you with support and guidance and connect you with the right people and resources to help you achieve your goals. 

7. Your colleagues will not always help you

It can be daunting to suddenly find yourself in an environment where you are left to fend for yourself after receiving support and guidance from your family and school. However, the professional world operates differently - you are expected to take responsibility for your actions and make the right choices without anyone else's help.  

This is what we call life; throughout your career, you will make mistakes, but it is essential to learn from them. This is what we call gaining experience, and the more you know, the closer you will be to achieving your career goals. 

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