Health Educator

Job Description

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Health Educator Job Description


Job Title: Health Educator


Job Summary:

A Health Educator is a professional who promotes healthy behaviors and lifestyles through education and outreach programs. You will develop and implement educational programs that target specific populations or health issues. You will also evaluate the effectiveness of these programs and make recommendations for improvement.



- Assess the health needs and behaviors of specific populations to develop targeted educational programs.

- Develop educational materials, such as brochures, videos, and presentations, to promote healthy behaviors.

- Deliver educational programs to individuals or groups, both in-person and through digital platforms.

- Collaborate with healthcare providers and community organizations to promote health and wellness.

- Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of educational programs and adjust as necessary.

- Develop and maintain relationships with community partners to expand the reach of educational programs.

- Analyze data related to health behaviors and outcomes to inform program development and evaluation.

- Stay current with trends and research related to health education and wellness.

- Advocate for policy and environmental changes that support healthy behaviors and lifestyles.

- Adhere to ethical and professional standards, including patient confidentiality.



- Bachelor's degree in health education, health promotion, public health, or a related field.

- Certification as a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) preferred.

- At least 2-3 years of experience in health education or a related field.

- Strong written and verbal communication skills.

- Ability to develop and deliver educational materials to diverse populations.

- Knowledge of public health principles and practices.

- Ability to analyze data and evaluate program effectiveness.

- Collaborative and team-oriented approach to work.

- Commitment to ongoing professional development.

- Adherence to ethical and professional standards, including patient confidentiality.