Human Services Worker Job Description

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Human Services Worker Job Description


Job Title: Human Services Worker


Job Summary:

As a human services worker, you will be responsible for assisting individuals and families in accessing and navigating a wide range of social services and programs. Your duties will include conducting assessments, developing service plans, providing referrals and advocacy, and offering crisis intervention and support. You will also be responsible for maintaining accurate records and collaborating with other service providers to ensure that clients receive the most appropriate and effective care.



- Conduct assessments of clients' needs and develop service plans based on those needs.

- Provide referrals and advocacy to connect clients with social services, healthcare, education, and other resources.

- Offer crisis intervention and support to clients experiencing mental health, substance abuse, or other life challenges.

- Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of clients' history, services provided, and progress.

- Collaborate with other service providers, such as healthcare professionals, social workers, and educators, to ensure that clients receive the most appropriate and effective care.

- Provide education and outreach to the community about available services and resources.

- Participate in quality improvement initiatives and stay up-to-date with advances in human services and social welfare policy.



- Bachelor's degree in social work, human services, psychology, or a related field.

- Knowledge of social services, community resources, and public welfare programs.

- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and ability to work effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

- Ability to conduct assessments, develop service plans, and offer crisis intervention and support to clients.

- Strong attention to detail and ability to maintain accurate records.

- Ability to work as part of a team and collaborate with other service providers.

- Commitment to ethical standards and professional conduct.

- Willingness to work flexible hours and adjust to changes in client needs and staffing requirements.

- Experience working in a human services role, preferably in a nonprofit or government agency.