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Job Description

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Job Coach Job Description


Job Title: Job Coach


Job Summary:

We are seeking a highly motivated and compassionate Job Coach to join our team. The Job Coach will be responsible for providing job training and support to individuals with disabilities, helping them to develop the skills and confidence necessary to succeed in the workplace. The successful candidate will have a strong understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with disabilities and a passion for helping them to achieve their goals.


Key Responsibilities:

- Work with individuals with disabilities to identify their job goals and develop a plan to achieve them

- Provide job training and support, including coaching on job duties, workplace expectations, and interpersonal skills

- Assist individuals with disabilities in developing and maintaining positive relationships with co-workers and supervisors

- Collaborate with employers to develop job accommodations and modifications to support individuals with disabilities

- Monitor job performance and provide feedback to individuals with disabilities and their supervisors

- Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of job coaching activities and progress toward job goals

- Stay up-to-date on best practices and trends in job coaching and disability services

- Participate in team meetings and collaborate with other professionals to provide holistic support to individuals with disabilities



- Bachelor's degree in Human Services, Rehabilitation, or a related field

- 2+ years of experience providing job coaching or related services to individuals with disabilities

- Strong understanding of disability services and accommodations in the workplace

- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to build positive relationships with individuals with disabilities, their families, and employers

- Ability to work independently and manage multiple priorities

- Strong organizational skills and attention to detail

- Knowledge of local, state, and federal laws and regulations related to disability services and employment


We offer a competitive salary, a comprehensive benefits package, and opportunities for professional development and growth. If you are a dedicated and compassionate Job Coach with a passion for helping individuals with disabilities to succeed in the workplace, we encourage you to apply for this rewarding opportunity.