President Job Description

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President Job Description


Job Title: President


Location: [Insert Location]


Reports to: [Insert Name of Chairman/CEO]


Job Purpose:

The President is responsible for leading the overall strategic planning and direction of the organization. This includes overseeing the organization's business activities, operations, financial performance, and policies. The President will work closely with the executive team and Board of Directors to ensure that the organization meets its goals and objectives.


Key Responsibilities:


1. Strategic Planning and Execution

- Develop and implement strategic plans for the organization that align with the overall mission and vision.

- Ensure that the organization's activities, goals, and objectives are aligned with the strategic plan.

- Monitor progress towards achieving the strategic plan and make necessary adjustments.


2. Leadership and Management

- Provide leadership and direction to the executive team to ensure that the organization's goals and objectives are achieved.

- Develop and maintain a high-performance culture within the organization.

- Ensure that appropriate systems and processes are in place to support the organization's goals and objectives.

- Ensure that the organization's policies and procedures are up-to-date and comply with relevant legislation.


3. Financial Management

- Oversee the organization's financial performance, including the preparation of budgets, financial reports, and financial forecasts.

- Ensure that appropriate financial controls are in place and that the organization's financial resources are managed effectively.

- Develop and implement strategies to increase revenue and control costs.


4. External Relations

- Represent the organization to external stakeholders, including customers, partners, investors, and government agencies.

- Build and maintain strong relationships with key stakeholders to ensure the organization's interests are represented.

- Maintain a high level of awareness of industry trends and changes that could impact the organization.


5. Board Relations

- Work closely with the Board of Directors to ensure that the organization is meeting its goals and objectives.

- Provide regular updates to the Board on the organization's financial performance, strategic plans, and operational activities.

- Ensure that the Board is informed of any issues or risks that could impact the organization.



- Bachelor's or Master's degree in Business Administration or related field.

- Minimum of 10 years' experience in a leadership role, with at least 5 years at the executive level.

- Proven track record of leading and managing a complex organization.

- Strong financial management skills, including budgeting, forecasting, and financial analysis.

- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

- Strong strategic planning and execution skills.

- Ability to work effectively with a Board of Directors.


Physical Demands:

The position requires the ability to sit or stand for extended periods of time. Some travel may be required.


Working Conditions:

The position is primarily based in an office environment. However, the President may be required to attend meetings and events outside of normal business hours.