Substitute Teacher

Job Description

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Substitute Teacher Job Description


Job Title: Substitute Teacher


Job Summary:

We are seeking flexible and reliable Substitute Teachers to provide instruction to students in the absence of the regular classroom teacher. The Substitute Teacher will be responsible for following lesson plans, managing student behaviour, and communicating with school personnel to support student success and achievement.




     Follow lesson plans provided by the regular classroom teacher, and provide instruction in a variety of academic and non-academic areas

     Manage student behaviour and maintain a safe and positive classroom environment

     Communicate with school personnel regarding student progress and needs, and seek assistance when necessary

     Maintain accurate and confidential student records, and comply with all legal and ethical guidelines regarding student privacy and confidentiality

     Participate in professional development opportunities as required by the school district

     Provide feedback to the regular classroom teacher regarding student progress and any issues that arise during the substitute assignment

     Participate in school-wide activities and events, and collaborate with other school personnel to promote a positive school culture and environment




     Bachelor's degree in education or a related field (preferred)

     State certification or licensure as a teacher (preferred)

     Experience working with students in a K-12 setting (preferred)

     Knowledge of instructional strategies and classroom management techniques

     Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to work effectively with students, parents, and school personnel

     Ability to adapt quickly to changing situations and manage multiple tasks and priorities

     Flexibility to work on short notice and to accept assignments in different grade levels and subject areas

     Commitment to maintaining confidentiality and integrity in all aspects of the job, and to promoting a safe and inclusive school environment.